Some of the companies I have worked with...







Kirsten Schmidt
Global Program Manager, DemantPulse – Human Resources

Demant Leaders Event Dubrovnik 

"Susan came to speak at our top 100 leaders conference in Dubrovnik to share her insights on the practical things we can do to drive employee engagement in Demant.
We found her talk to be really inspirational and very concrete as to the do’s and don’ts when working with employee engagement in a business context.

Our leaders had some great take-aways on how to run the process in their respective organisations and in my role, I got very useful input from Susan on how to support the organisation and utilize best practices and mentoring between leaders."




Debbie Adams
VP HR Talent & Engagement, 
GKN Aerospace

HR Leaders Events, Bristol & Rotterdam

"We were delighted when Susan offered to come and speak to our UK and Nordics HR Directors and their teams about her businesses engagement journey. 
Engagement can appear mystical and difficult to achieve if you have sites or teams who are currently very low scoring,  Susan was able to share with our HR community some really simple, straightforward ideas about how to engage even these teams.
Her business had been through one of the largest transformations possible and everyone was really encouraged about what is possible when you just apply some straightforward principles to the engagement journey.  Susan gave our teams some really practical tips that gave our HR leads hope that we can move our engagement forward even in times of change.  Really valuable, motivating presentation."