An employee engagement expert with a story to tell of what works and what doesn't 


I am an employee engagement expert with 14 years experience devising and driving employee engagement strategies for large organisations with award winning results. I held the position of Head of Employee Engagement for both Tesco Bank in Edinburgh and most recently AIB in Dublin.

I hold degrees in both Business Studies and Psychology which is a great combination for the people side of business. In 2020 I completed a post graduate certificate in workplace wellness at Trinity College Dublin which has equipped me with evidence based practical strategies to help organisations look after their teams wellbeing at work. My academic qualifications combined with real on-the-job experience has taught me the winning formula for unlocking potential, connecting people to the vision of their business and showing them how they can be their best at work.

I believe that it is to everyone’s benefit to have workplaces that focus on people’s strengths and listen to the needs of their employees.
By listening and celebrating people as individuals, this opens the door to enabling people to connect to the purpose and values of a company, which in turn allows them to do their best work. 

My track record speaks for itself. As Head of Employee Engagement for AIB, engagement levels reached the 72nd percentile of the Gallup global engagement database, moving from the 5th percentile in just 6 years, resulting in AIB winning the Gallup Great Workplace Award in 2019.

I now work with organisations to share best practise on how they can transform a workplace and inspire leaders to change their approach to employee engagement.

As a qualified CliftonStrengths coach I also work with individuals and teams to identify their natural talent. By helping them turn that talent into a strength, I enable employees to connect to their business and play their part in achieving the company’s goals.

The result is a high performing team where every team member has the opportunity to succeed by doing what they do best.

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