'Engaged employees are those who have a positive connection toward their work and feel effective while doing their jobs' 

(Burke et al, 2009)

This is easy to say, but not always so easy to acheive. Having held senior positions in employee engagement for a number of years I know how to create a sustainable culture of engagement that delivers real results for businesses. I work with companies to understand their current position and help indentify what is working and what needs to change. 

With the change in working practises brought about by the recent health crisis, it's more important than ever to understand how to engage your team, and help them feel connected to their work, your business and each other. 

Working with your inhouse team I deliver: 

  • An initial assessment of the current set up 
  • A masterclass on what employee engagement is and the key drivers that are needed to build a highly engaged team 
  • A recommendation of changes or initiatives needed to transform how people feel working in your organisation 
  • Advise on measurement and metrics to ensure longevity and track effectiveness 
  • Upskill of your leaders and teams on how to create an engaging workplace 
  • Facilitation of set up of a champions network to keep the programme alive  

Once the programme is established and working the aim is for you to be self sufficent in its running and have it become a part of the DNA of your organisation.

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