One to one coaching to unlock your super powers and achieve your goals

Investing in CliftonStrengths coaching will help you to discover what you naturally do best and unlock opportunities to make the most of your potential. Have you ever found yourself so absorbed in a task that you look up and wonder where the time has gone? If the answer if 'yes' the chances are you were working on something that you were good at and using your natural talent. When you understand where your natural talent lies, you are better placed to spot opportunities to spend more of your time doing what you do best. 

You can focus your coaching on any area of your life. It might be the next step on your career, or exploring how to rebalance your schedule to focus more on your wellbeing. Whatever it is you are looking to acheive, using your natural talent to get there will make the path feel a bit smoother. 


1 in 33 million - those are roughly the odds that someone shares the same signature themes of talent as you. As individuals we all have something unique to offer. In our coaching discussion we will discover where you are strongest and how you can use that strength to reach your full potential and acheive your goals.  

Steps in the process:

Complete the online assesment
Take the CliftonStrengths online assessment and receive your individual report that identifies your dominant natural talents

Receive your individual report
A one to one coaching session then helps you understand your profile and how you can turn your talents into strengths and use those strengths to achieve your goals

Coaching session to understand your talents & how you can turn them into strengths
A bespoke action plan is designed to set out the steps that will get you to those goals 

Personal action plan
On-going coaching is available to review and track your progress