Building high performing teams that get the opportunity do what they do best

  • Grow team engagement by investing in talent 
  • Understand the talent DNA of your team 
  • Turn that talent into strength and develop your capabilities  
  • Build a plan to use the strength of your team to acheive your goals 

Strengths based development has proven to be a succesful tool to not only develop people and build stronger teams, but also to improve engagement levels in that team that will benefit your whole organisation.

The engagement ratio in an organisation measures the number of engaged employees compared to the number that are actively disengaged. Gallup research has found that once you achieve a 4:1 ratio in your organisation you have reached an important tipping point in your culture. It is at this point that the impact of the engaged employees more consistently counteracts the actively disengaged. Every team that unlocks the benefits of using strengths based development improves that ratio, which get your organisation closer to that magic 4:1. 

Click here to read the full Gallup article on how strengths links to better employee engagement

CliftonStrengths is an online assessment that identifies a persons unique talents. The themes identified for each person are their talent DNA. They explain the ways people most naturally think, feel and behave. By understanding what your talents are you are then able to apply those talents to reach your goals. The same principle applies at team level. The path to acheiving a collective goal can be a lot smoother and more enjoyable for everyone when tasks and projects are allocated according to natural talent, enabling every person to play their part by doing what they do best. 


Each individual understanding themselves
Team members take the online assessment (approx. 30 minutes)

Team members understanding each other
Signature theme report is sent by email with the results of the assessment as soon as it is completed. The report identifies and explains the top 5 dominant talents, along with a full picture of the 34 themes and the order they rank in for that person

Team DNA identified and understood
1:1 coaching session helps people understand their talents and how they can turn those talents into strengths and use them to achieve their personal goals and the goals of their business

Team Purpose, Vision & Values
A team building session to explore the team profile allowing everyone to understand each other better and how to get the most of out of the talent in the team to meet the goals of the team

On going coaching is available as needed to review and track progress

  • One Plan 
  • Tasks Allocated according to talent 
  • Engaged team members
  • Common language about behaviours
  • High performing team
  • Delivery on goals