Wellness reboots at home or at work

Programmes for people who want to put plans in place to take care of their wellbeing, make the most of their time and be at their best. 


Workplace wellness 
Having studied workplace wellness in Trinity College Dublin and spent more than 20 years working in large organisations I can advise on evidence based best practise for workplace wellness programmes to ensure they are effective, measurable and sustainable. 
The programme includes: 
  1. An initial audit to understand your current practises and how effective they are 
  2. A fact finding phase to understand your company and the needs of the people that work there 
  3. A bespoke plan is then developed that will be presented with an implementation plan, an estimated budget and recomended measurement plan
Personal wellness 
The recent health crisis has made many of us look at the balance in our lives and how we focus our time. This programme looks at helping you to reassess your priorities and use your natural talent to acheive your personal wellness goals. 
A six week intervention that includes: 
  1. A Cliftonstrenths assesment to identify your natural talent 
  2. A goal setting session and wellness audit to understand your wellbeing goals 
  3. A bespoke plan is designed to help you acheive those goals using your natural talent 
  4. Weekly checkins to talk about progress and adapt the plan as needed 
  5. Access to live online yin yoga classes for the 6 weeks 
What  clients have said about the personal wellness programme:
‘For me, it was the difference between going to the gym and having my own personal trainer’
'It’s like a spring clean for the soul’
‘The greatest thing for me was that I now sleep a lot better at night, which has made a difference to every part of my day’